Quote of the day: wisdom teeth

As all Roadracers will know, besides the gift of stamina, many of us also have this astonishing ability to make statements that will shock/stun/mesmerise the daylights out of everybody. So this site will also attempt to record those wonderful “Quote of the Day”, “Statement of the Year” kind of thing.

So to start the ball rolling, here is a quote that took place on Sunday, 13 May 2007, at MacRitchie Reservoir Lower Carpark.

Baby without teeth!

Scene: After run, the guys are waiting for the gals to cool down. It gets quite sunny. Then suddenly, Lu Feng realises that Jay is missing. Nobody knows where he went. Jay is spotted standing under the shade. Naturally everybody moves to the shade.

Lu Feng: Wah Jay, you so smart sia, move to the shade!

Jay: That’s because I still have all of my wisdom teeth.

(FYI, Lu Feng had all his wisdom teeth extracted recently.)


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