Video shooting

On Sunday of 29th April 2007, a few of the Roadracers gathered in Shenton Way for our morning run to help Sosan out in a video shoot.

Those included included Riz, Shihan, Weelee, Angela and Lu Feng. Below is a combined account by Shihan, Weelee and Lu Feng uncensored. No offence to anybody, all in the name of fun, laughter, peace and joy.

6: wake up. raining outside. tmd.
615: dragged my ass out of the house.
630: Sosan msgs to tell us to take our time cos it’ll probably be delayed.
650: reach city hall mrt. *yawn* sleepy….
715: Weelee calls to say she just woke up. (-_-“)
750: everyone reaches, we start our run.

750-9: our 1hr10min long run turned into an adventure race as we cut through construction sites, stopped cars to cross roads, waved maniacally at tourists (land of 4 million smiles remember?), and got lost somewhere in marina park. There was alot of laughter and the part we found that only tourist from selected countries gave us weird stares while the others(majority) greeted us back.

9-1230?: FILMING! we worked out way backwards ‘starting’ with the finishing scene at Padang area. amused ourselves by watching Lu Feng do his best imitation of Kumar as Chang-E (some chinese moon goddess). In addition, he tried to do a vocal of “One night in Beijing” by Shin.

Now, that was fine… except that he tried to sing the soprano part (3min 32s onwards). O.o Amazing stuff, now we learn that he’s a man of many talents.. :-D.

Weelee got inspired and also tried to do a rendition of an ancient Chinese girl committing suicide, “Niang, nu er bu xiao.” Which translated, means “Mother, your daughter is unfillial, ” before she proceeds to “hang” herself using Sosan’s 10m white cloth. For those who lack a vivid sense of imagination, please check out the video:

Angela and Shihan also whiled some time away perving incredulously at Riz’s supposedly ‘bony’ ass in the black tights. (????) So sorry, but unfortunately there is no video for this one ;p

Then we walked to Lau Pa Sat, doing more filming along the way. But surprisingly not too many NGs. Think we did a pretty good job acting as ourselves in the middle of a race.

so to summarise: walkwalkwalk, film, walkwalkwalk, film/run, walkwalkwalkwalk. and of course, complain.


It was all worth it in the end when Sosan treated us to brunch.. Thank you Sosan!! *will work for food* Next time got more lobang must call us ya? haha..


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