Asic Shopping Spree for the racers!

Asic was having their warehouse sale today! Aaron, Angela, Lu feng and JJ wouldn’t miss this amazing opportunity to buy some running shoes! An brief report about the racer’s spending:

  • JJ – 1 pair of racer. *totally~ un-huh. pathetic
  • Lu Feng – 1 pair of trainer. *not bad
  • Angela – 1 pair of trainer and racer. *wheeee … sweet
  • Aaron – 1 pair of trainer, 1 pair of racer and 1 pair of spike *BIG WINNER.

Man of the day Award: Mr. Lu feng because he ran out to teller so that he can withdraw money to lend to JJ and Angela to buy their shoes.

Good effort Lu feng and nice try for running fast to withdraw the money *he is trying to impress the girls over there.


2 thoughts on “Asic Shopping Spree for the racers!

  1. Haha.. Why would my bf be whacking your a**? Anyway, its not so bad shopping with you guys! šŸ™‚ New shoes rock!!!

    And Jay, Aaron and I have the exact same racers! How cool! We could make it the official nus x country racer!

  2. Err… Mr Jay, there was only one lady present and she is kind of attached… you know. Well I don’t want her bf to be whacking my a** over this post of yours. šŸ˜‰

    Haha.. though tot maybe you could hyperlink pics of the shoes that were purchased šŸ™‚

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