train train train.

IVP season is approaching and it’s always very motivating to see everyone training hard together. I feel it is very enjoyable and refreshing to train as a team, especially when you hear Aaron singing “Happy Birthday to me” during our 300m interval. How can it not put a smile on your worn out face. hahaha … And of coz Mr LuLu, who is Mr. Meanie, goes around nagging the whole team and many of us ran faster because we wanted to get away from him. haha kidding :p .. Mr jovian, aka mr passion run + mr sunny, aka the lean machine, + suriya, the 100% determination terminator, have been secretly training haha do join us for training some time and exploit some laughters from Mr LuLu

Angela, aka kan-chiong queen, who constantly worrying about her performance, not enough training, blah blah blah… c’mon chill girl haha … you were once a girl who lag behind 300m away from the girls but now you’re one of our top fewer runners and still improving. weelee, aka Ms cool face, no facial expression when she run (i think she is imagine the person she hate most is running infront of her, Good tactic weelee!) Shihan, aka long leg queen, always there 1 lor. every training she’ll be there 1 lor. girl power 1 lor .. ahhaha .. becks ar, come back soon la.

train train train train train train train race train train train train train race train train train train just train!

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4 thoughts on “train train train.

  1. NONo … aaron sang happy birthday song to himself DURING OUR INTERVAL. hahahah

    Mr lulu, maybe you’re too noisy. HAHAHHAHAHAHAH kidding … OR this is weelee’s way of showing her appreciation to you lol

  2. Actually Weelee is a super mean girl with no manners… She asked me to shut up during her last set of interval during training BEFORE I even said anything.

    Tsk tsk….

  3. first things first, i am not gan chiong!!!! hahaha.. and i am still laggy. but nvm la. and yes, come to think of it, whats up with Aaron singing happy birthday song after intervals? not tired MEH…………….

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