Vesak day gathering at Suriya’s place

The first people that arrived at Suriya’s were Weelee, Angela and Weelee’s bf,Noah around 3. Preparation of dinner started almost immediately which consist of cooking the rice, frying egg, boiling egg, etc. The girls (and attempted effort by the boys) eventually churned out one full rice pot of sushi!! At around 6, Shihan arrived with the chicken and the girls went on for their hour run.

Dinner consisted of japanese(sushi), western (cajun chicken + mashed potato) and indian (papadum). Yumyum! And on hindsight, it was pretty ironic to be watching “Without Limits”, while while stuffing ourselves silly with the rich food. It was a movie about american running prodigy Steve Prefontaine.

It was quite a motivating movie for runners. Watched it if you haven’t. You can check out his track timings and memorable quotes from the movie. And here is an excerpt from the movie about how he won the 1972 5000m Olympic trials:

Lu Feng retired early upstairs after the movie and the rest insist on scaring themselves by watching “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”. They decided to laugh it off at the horror parts. Turns out that suriya doesn’t even think that it’s a horror show and said he dozed off in the middle part while angela hides behind her pillow each time the music gives a horror tone. haha. After the show, some of them decided to entertain themselves with the power rangers movie -_-‘ which brought the Z note to the others.

After that, Jovian and Shihan decided to turn in early as 1 has to work the next day while the other have to go MR. It turned out that Jovian and Shihan dared not turn off the lights when they slept. So chicken!!! Cluck cluck cluck…

The rest proceed to playing card games and Lu Feng surprised us by waking up and ALMOST finishing off the rest of the sushi!! haha. so, the 5 of us (Angela, Weelee, Suriya, Aaron played “asshole Big D” and we learned that we have to break out of the vicious cycle in order not to remain down in the dumps.

But half way thorughout the game Suriya decided to showcase his rapping “talent” irritated the hell out of Weelee and Lu Feng, “With a two, and a two and a diamond two. He puts an ace, an ace, an ace of spades….”

So both of them decided to declare war and aim to put Suriya in the dumps for good!! Lu Feng went off to sleep (again) after putting Suriya down in the dumps for 2 consecutive rounds.

The 4 survivors left continue playing bridge and there were some confusions at times to guessing the partner! haha. We played all the way till 6 am before we couldn’t take it anymore and went off to sleep.

And we woke up for prata breakfast treat by Suriya cos he won some $$ from the MR 25 golden mile race!!! Feels like one big family (where head of the household pays).


One thought on “Vesak day gathering at Suriya’s place

  1. erm. i can only say, i’m relieved i wasn’t able to make it. EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE?! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU GUYS THINKING?! phew. i missed it.

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