Anlene orchard mile

Our first mile race. Ever.

You know how it is with Long Distance runners, always complaining that ‘i got no fast twitch muscles…so cannot run fast..but i like long runs’.

So until now, I still have no clue as to how or why both Angela and I decided to join the Anlene Orchard Mile. Pay $30 just to run 1.6km. (so bo hua! pay more must suffer more mah!!) But we went anyway.

It was a well organised race. Race pack collection was a breeze, event day planning was good as well. No horrendous queues or obscure locations. So we met up at Dhoby Gaut MRT, walked to race site, then started warming up.

Squeezed to the starting line about 8.25pm. Judging from the other runners present (only by a superficial gauge), it was probably a good idea to start in front to avoid being boxed in by the rest. Pauline Mulroy and JJ from MR25 were at the front line too, together with Roda Ramos (aka fastest maid in singapore). Gun went off, and so did they.

It was all over in just 6min. Pay $30 to run 6min.phwoah.

Few cock ups though. Time on the finishing clock was 20s faster than the registered time. Wonder where the extra 20s came from.

Good race. Short and painful. Just to remind us how a track race is supposed to be run.

Results can be checked here.

angela tying shoe

lao ban niang tying up her laces

before the race

The empress and the ladyboss

waiting for the empress to doll up

wait until damn sian..hurry up lehh…

More photos can be found here


One thought on “Anlene orchard mile

  1. remind me again why did we pay 55usd to run a 21k race in a notoriously hot and hilly place? haha nice write up btw! 😀 see ya tonight! (p/s: pictures abit small…)

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