Run Paradise! Laguna Phuket International Marathon 2007 (Part 2)

Mr T was quite nice but he kept trying to get us to go for the transvestite show and pursuading us to tell him what time we will be done shopping so that he can fetch us back. By the time we reached Patong, it started to rain a little so we quickly reached for shelter at the mega mall. We shopped a little, and went to eat at the food court. I thought it was kinda interesting that all the bowls were square shaped, which, IMO weren’t really the best design for bowls. The food was cheap so we had the luxury to eat alot more. Lulu, Angela and I started off with some beef noodle. It wasn’t too bad, but they did go overboard with the amount of salt used. Shihan, who was determined to save her stomach for road- side stalls, ordered a papaya salad which had some thai spices in it.

 The papaya salad!

For our second round of ordering, I officially started my pasta ritual by ordering an extra large portion of spagetti. Lulu the copycat ordered some pasta also. Angela who has been thinking about tom yam all day finally settled with that. We also ordered banana and orange shakes but they tasted really weird. I had to force it down my throat.

After eating we continued to shop and find the new balance shop to redeem our vouchers. We walked and walked and walked AND WALKED and we still couldn’t see any sign of new balance. We tried to ask for directions but everyone didn’t really seem to know where it was. Angela and I became super distracted by the Dairy Queen booth(S) in the midst of our crazy walking that we succumbed to the temptation and ordered an amazing green tea with almond ice cream. Heavenly. We were kind enough to offer to some lulu but he dismissed us and said something about us regretting on race day when he performs better. Well, knowing how insecure lulu always has been, he finally ate some ice cream after realising it will be even more embarrassing for him if he didn’t eat the ice cream and still come in behind us. =)

Well we finally gave up looking for the store when we realised that it might not be opened in the first place since a more careful study of the brochure they gave us said that the store was “coming soon”. Felt kind of cheated. Next, we went to carrefour to do some grocery shopping for our breakfast and pre-race meal. I immediately head for the pasta section and bought some pasta sauce and pasta (broken angel to be specific since the instructions say that it would cook in 3 minutes). The others went for bread instead. We made our purchases, dropped by starbucks for some caffiene boost, and left the mall to hang out along the roads lined with small little make-shift stalls. It was still drizzling when we got onto the road, so we were kept busy trying to dodge for as much cover from the rain as possible. Many of the food stalls were selling sticks of meat and seafood, which they will barbeque for you on the spot. Shihan finally got to settle her craving for the road-side food which got me a little jealous because my stomach was already occupied with salty-beef-noodles-microwaved-spagetti-weird-tasting-banana-milkshake. Besides the food stalls, there was also loads of small night market vendors selling clothes, fake prada and gucci and small little souvenirs. I initially had some things in mind that I wanted to buy, but due to the overwhelming number of stalls selling the exact same goods, I must have forgotten all about them as I left the place empty handed. We stocked up on water and more snacks at the convenience store before heading back in a taxi.


One thought on “Run Paradise! Laguna Phuket International Marathon 2007 (Part 2)

  1. walao. i think the papaya salad deserves more than just a mere mention. Let me describe to you that fiery plate of ecstasy in detail…
    1) Look at the lower left hand corner of the page. See that thing that looks like a quarter of a cabbage? got it…The cook just chopped a WHOLE RAW cabbage in 4, then gave me one of it. Felt almost like when I was feeding my cousins rabbits. Didn’t even bother to peel the individual leaves I’m supposed to gnaw on it as part of the meal. (but I suppose it’s the culture..).
    2) Look at the sauce. red right? don’t be deceived…there’s no ketchup. The cook chopped up (again) one WHOLE red chilli.
    3) On the bottom of the plate – sections of a raw long bean.

    Raw, fiery, sour. Power. Sets your stomach ablaze. And I teared while eating it..

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