Run Paradise! Laguna Phuket International Marathon 2007 (Part 3)

Hey guys. Its been a while since I last blogged about the phuket trip. Which also means I cant remember all the small details about the trip. I’m currently at the NUS matriculation fair waiting for potential freshmen to join the cross country team. So far response is very average. Im currently watching the muai thai boxers beating each other up at the public display area.

Back to the main story. Im actually quite bored about writing full length accounts about the Phuket trip, so I will just make this entry short and sweet.

 Day before our actual race. We woke up before dawn to do a little light jog and acclimatise to our surroundings. The team was really happy with the fresh air and cool morning air. Shihan suggest that we hold training camp at Phuket. We did a 40 min jog and managed to travel out of our tourist area and into the local neighbourhood. We got to see locals shopping for vegetables and giant bananas at their wet market. Somehow the entire area had a lingering smell of fried chicken. Not that Im complaining. Anyways we also get to see small little children with identical hairstyles riding motorcycles to school. AFter the refreshing run, we went back to our hotel to have breakfast. Breakfast was instant mash potatoes, bread, pasta and whatever else we could find stashed in our hotel room. Cooking pasta was a little tricky. We had to make use of the water boiler to cook it. Lets just say its a little messy and not too pleasant to look at. Lufeng and Shihan politely rejected the pasta. Angela did have a little of it, but her face told another story of the taste. As for cutleries, Angela and I went to borrow them from the cookhouse. We ended up borrowing some bowls, spoons… and fried eggs. Yeah we conveniently took some eggs from the cookhouse to our rooms to eat. Shihan laughed. Lufeng preached about integrity. Whatever. We practically spent most of the day preserving our bodies by staying indoor. We walked around the beach a little and then head back indoors to bum around. Shihan did her lifestyle thing again by staying at the beach to read, swim and enjoy the balmy breeze of another phuket morning. Angela was plastered to the Gameboy DS that I brought along. She was obviously addicted to the CookingMaMa and the surgery game. Lufeng was doing something really unmemorable because I don’t remember what he was doing. Oh yes, he was showing off this 1000 page research book that he was supposed to read. But I doubt he even did 10 pages really. I was bumming around, trying NOT to get injured. Then I went to bathe.

 Yeah right. Trying NOT to get injured. It is kind of ironic that I ended up almost injuring my kidneys in the bath tub. But I will tell you guys about it later. The bloody speakers in the matriculation hall is blasting away in front of me and its very difficult to write coherently when there’s some new age rnb- mtv-inspired- music killing my chain of thoughts.

Btw someone please tell me why everyone is interested in bi/tri/aquathalon and no one is coming to our running booth…


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