IVP photos

Dear all,

The IVP photos have been uploaded so go ahead and download them! Post all the guy’s picture on the gay’s forum! woohoo. And the whole team want to congrat to sunny and mok for their SEA games event. You all made it to the TOP 10 of the whole SEA! Everyone is very proud of you! Well done guys! We should come together, dine, chill and eat till we cant fit into our running shorts!

 Happy Birthday to Zhi Yun!

We (Milo Dino, willy whale , Pam, mengameng, penal code 77a) celebrated zhi yun’s birthday after training yesterday. It was a rather late dinner (9pm?!) because aaron and pam were competing with each other in 200m. Result: Aaron won.

Next, aaron and pam were showering at the SRC pool (not together pls.) Result: Pam won. (Aaron explained tt he is chatting with Yap in the toilet while showering).

Finally, Race to Holland Village. Pam on SBS bus 95 and Aaron on Bicycle. Result: Pam won (duh..)

The dinner is great and the company is spontaneous! Cookies made by dino and zhi yun are Yummy and the birthday cake made by wee lee is totally fabulicious! I hereby announce that the future bf of our cross-country girls will be well-fed .. haha because they like to bake but don’t like to eat what they made. (weird)

Pam and weelee were complaining about their fat arms….. HUH?! ….. (weird)

ahahaha tt’s all! the photo will be upload sooooonn (*i hope)


6 thoughts on “IVP photos

  1. oei, what willy whale?? nv die before is it?? haha…ya, i have to comment on the cookies that zy and dinah baked!! really fabulous!! i ate so much that i feel very guilty cos i practically ate half of the container!! hahha…not bad man….the whole girls team can set up baking stall…hahhah…hope zy had an enjoyable birthday!! 😀

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