Happy New Year!

Greeting all nus runners.

This is jay again and I want to say Happy new year to all! Haha So how’s everyone been doing? Beside aaron, angela,weelee, Dinah, yati, yap, Kelvin, lufeng, peng tat and myself, I have not hear from the rest of you! Where are you all hiding? Haha WE miss all of you! So do drop by one of these days and we can have like dinner after training. Anyway it’s the new year and I hope everyone is doing well. Partying hard at the eve of new year and learning how to count down from 10 to 1 with friends and family together. I’ve got back from one of my friend’s new year party and I was eating from 8pm to 4 am … non stop.  And rubbing my tummy as I am typing this entry hahaha

Anyway, peng tat, myself and some other pple will be doing the 10km progressive run at mr this Sunday. Do join us for the run if you can as it will be the sort of ‘last’ run before peng tat head back to China.

Take care everyone and hope 2008 will be a better year from all of us.



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