2010 Youth Olympic Games Open Space Forum


Singapore’s bid for the Youth Olympic Games 2010 has been made, but there is much more for all of us to do to bring the Games to Singapore , and to then deliver a lasting benefit.

Many key issues need to be addressed. What are the most important ones to you? If you could set the agenda for the next two years, what would your priorities be, and what impact would you create? With your personal passions and beliefs about the “Spirit of the Olympics”, how would you set out to leave a lasting memory in the hearts of all the participants and supporters, both at home and overseas? Share your thoughts on how we can “Ignite the Flame” in Singaporeans; and keep that flame burning long after the Games have come and gone.

The National Youth Achievement Award Gold Award Holders’ Alumni (NYAA GAHA) and PAYM Youth Groups in Tampines GRC will be holding an Open Space Forum to discuss these issues. “Open Space” is a form of dialogue where, under the guidance of a trained facilitator, the participants themselves set the agenda by identifying key topics of interest and concern to them and then lead live discussions on these topics.

We welcome you to join us to participate in this unique event to exchange views, reflect together and, above all, to deliver a long-lasting benefit. Your involvement is crucial in shaping the YOG experience, both inside and outside the stadium. Your ideas and priorities will ignite the passions of the youth of today and blaze the trail for the young people of tomorrow.

YOU decide the agenda – YOU determine the key issues – YOU offer action plans!

Because there will be limited capacity, please confirm your registration by e-mailing ignite.flame@ gmail.com by Monday 7th January 2008 (registration on first come first serve basis).


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