We’re featured in Red Sports!

“Bedok Reservoir, Saturday, February 7, 2009 – A National University of Singapore (NUS) relay team came from fifth position to grab second spot in the men’s open category, preventing a clean sweep of the top two positions by the formidable Singapore Police Gurkhas at the 58th Singapore Athletic Association (SAA) Road Relays.

Running the full 4.3km loop of the reservoir, the Gurkhas, running in two teams under the banner of the Police Sports Association (PSA), fielded two teams, got off to a characteristically fast start with their teams in first and second position from the horn.

The first two NUS runners – Jayantha Ng and Madankumar Balakrishnan – kept their team in contention by keeping the Gurkha teams in sight. When 2007 SEA Games triathlon gold medallist Mok Ying Ren received the relay wrist band as the third runner, hopes went up that the race would only get better for NUS.

Starting from fifth position in the relay, Mok chased down the Gurkhas and did well enough to give final runner Sikhander Singh a real chance at a medal finish.

With Mok having done his part, anchorman Singh took over the wristband with at least one Gurkha in his cross-hairs. Approximately fifteen minutes later, the first Gurkha from PSA Team A crossed the finish line victorious. Eighteen seconds later, Singh crossed the line to split the two Gurkha teams and give the NUS team a second-place finish and a memorable victory over an elite force… ”

(pls refer to http://redsports.sg/2009/02/10/nus-road-relay-running/ for more information)


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