Injury & Conscience

Thought I should post something instead of lurking:


I’m starting to think it’s a good thing that I got injured.


However, it’s been very hard to stay still: there are people running everywhere around school, and someone will speed past me as I walk home through the neighbourhood park, and everyone (of course) is still hard at work doing training, doing intervals, freely, pacing each other around the track, or chasing the distance on a long run.


After being with the team for so long, I’ve unconsciously (automatically?) internalized the standard run-rest-recovery-run-rest-run routine. To the point that it’s difficult, especially when all an injury needs is just the time to heal, to have patience and persistence to not run.


Yet, this injury strangely does wonders: it teachers me not to take running for granted (from someone who never did sports for the first 16 years of his life, I treasure that), it reminds me to get better shoes, it helps me to appreciate the company of my cross-country friends now that I hardly see them. But most of all, it helps me to be humble.


Injury helps one realise the opposite of that overrated motto “pain makes you feel alive”. Which, really, should be rewritten as “pain makes you know you’re human, so relax and maybe even, in my case, “pain makes you know you need better shoes.”

Not that I treasure the time limping around and hobbling down stairs though. My point is I can’t wait to get back to training with everyone again.


So you all better be faster when I start doing intervals again ah..


2 thoughts on “Injury & Conscience

  1. hallo, you must be yap xiong from acjc?? i am melissa your junior who used to be from creative writing circle!I just joined X on tues coz i was training by myself n only dare to join after being phy n mentally ready… sad to hear of your injury~~ hope u get well soon n look forward to seeing more ac people ard 🙂

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