Akira Swift X-Country Championships 2009 (7th March 09)

Shortly after we arrived at Bedok Reservoir, it started pouring. We took shelter under one of the pavilions with Corne and Melissa shielding us valiantly with their umbrellas. The wind was pretty strong and there was some lightning and CHIJ girls screaming. My ears hurt.


Yet the rain did little to dampen our spirits. People got boisterous with Kelvin tussling with Patrick for a jacket. I guess in such fights, size matters. Kelvin looked really smug wearing a super tight fit size “M” IVP jacket. Meanwhile, Jackie ran around offering buddy hugs to keep everyone warm. GuoChen was visibly distraught.

In an act of extreme boredom, Kelvin borrowed Patrick’s camera and tried to get a group shot. We squeezed and huddled together under the small pavilion which we shared with 2 other schools. It took about 7 shots before we finally got the camera-shy Guochen in the photo.


After a long wait, the organizers announced that the race would go on at 4.30pm. We were all pumped up and ready to go. We did a longer warm-up than usual, splashing into puddles on the flooded tarmac path. I felt like a little kid hopping around and enjoying the feeling of getting drenched.


We got back to the pavilion, did a fast stretch near the start line before we were called up. The girls started first and 10min later we were off. Our team started strongly with Jayanta surging ahead to chase the top Swift runners. I was with Alan and Guocheng and we ran as a pack. It was comforting to see a swarm of red NUS singlets just in from of me with Jackie moving up near Jayanta.

Near the famous steep hill, I sped up a little and caught up with a few runners. As I ran, I remembered Mr Quek’s advice to target runners in front, one by one, and to steadily catch up with them. As I ran down the hill and got back onto the gravel path, I ran with a very fast Swift runner who really pushed me. Far ahead, I could see a really psychotic runner in a yellow singlet who had been charging like a bull since the start of the race. It was none other than the legendary former NUS captain and famously charming Peng Tat.

Near the finish line, I ran hard but was out-sprinted by the swift runner. I finished in a time of 18.02 for abt 5km. It was a good time and I was happy.

Overall, it was quite good. The boy’s team came in 2nd in the open category. Corne did a fantastic run and it was a credible debut race for Melissa which she agreed had been great fun. Nick Teh also did a spirited run with a nice sprint down the final straight. This braveheart moment was captured on Benedict’s handycam. (Hey Ben, rmb to add in the “Chariots of Fire” music.)

Well done everyone! We will aim to do better at the next race and…track season : )


3 thoughts on “Akira Swift X-Country Championships 2009 (7th March 09)

  1. hey guochen! Sorry sorry. My own name is written as guocheng. I always thought our names were the same 🙂 Paiseh.

  2. haha ur fast on the updates!
    Ur timing is really good! oh melvin!

    P/S btw its GuoChen not GuoCheng, haha

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