Singapore Biathlon (7th March 09)

At 7am, I was strolling along East Coast Park admiring the sun rise. It would be another 30min before the exciting Singapore Biathlon got underway.

“Melvin! What are you doing here?”

That familiar raucous laughter. I couldn’t miss it. There was Mok, all sexy in his blue triathlon spandex suit. He looked so confident and happy as usual. I wished him luck and he zoomed off and continued his warm-up.

I soon met up with Benedict near Bedok Jetty where the race was due to start. He showed me his stunning new handy cam which he told me was a real bargain at 500bucks. It looked pretty stylo milo.

At about 7.30, the race was about to start. The organizers started playing my pre-race favourite song. It goes something like “put your hands in the air…uh huh…uh…huh”. I made a conscious effort to stop my hips from gyrating.

The Singapore Navy’s Rear Admiral soon did the flag off and the veteran guys and women’s open race began. The biathletes reminded me of sea turtles slipping into the water for the migratory season with their pink swim caps bobbing in the water.

Ben and I waited near the transition area. While he fiddled with his camera’s controls, I shifted my attention to more worthy things like other fellow supporters aka beach babes! Woot.

About 20minutes later, the first girl came out of the water. I think it was a national triathlete(correction: it was Trudy Fawcett. Thanks Dinah!). The next girl to emerge was none other than our very own Zhi Yun who did a fantastic swim leg. Her time was really good and I half suspected she hid mini propellers in her feet for added propulsion in the water.

It was a while later that Yati completed her swim. Michelle was next and then Angela. It was a valiant effort from all three considering that they did not have a swimming background. I tried to get a few shots of our seniors with Benedict’s other camera but in the words of Ben, my efforts were best described as “fail”!

For the guys, Mok emerged first for NUS, then Sunny. Zhenghong did a solid swim leg.

The run leg was pretty good and we shouted encouragement as Yati, Michelle and Angela passed us near the start line. It was drizzling and we met Mark soon after as we waited for the girls and guys to return.

The first girl to return was the national triathlete (correction: Trudy fawcett) I mentioned earlier. Next was Dinah. Then came Zhi Yun who stormed resolutely down the final straight for 3rd position. Yati whom I believe was placed 16th was next to return. Michelle and Angela zoomed back one after the other. I could tell they were really pushing and their eyes reflected steely determination.

In the men’s category, our champion Mok seemed rather relaxed as he returned and Zhenghong tore down the final straight after another biathlete.

I felt it was a great effort especially for all 4 of our seniors Zhi Yun, Yati, Michelle and Angela who have been juggling swim training and cross country. Swimming is not easy to pick up with a huge emphasis on stroke work and I can imagine the amount of work that they must have put in for this biathlon. Well done my seniors!

Biathlon seems pretty fun. I think Jayanta and I should be doing our conversion to water frogs during the school hols with our very own swim training!


7 thoughts on “Singapore Biathlon (7th March 09)

  1. hellos! i FINALLY am writing in this blog! haha. totally forgot the website address and found it while googling. =)

    yes i agree with mich! swimming is good for you, especially if you want a change from running. too much pounding on hard ground is torture on your poor legs.

    melvin and benedict, thanks so much for coming down to support! i really appreciate the effort and the video! oh btw, who made it? it’s superb! =)

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