Akira Swift X-Country 2009 Post 2


“What??? You’re going to race on Saturday in SINGAPORE? Where it’s 30 plus and the humidity is the like at the steam sauna where we used to go during cold winters?” This is a common reaction of my friends back in Europe, if they get to know about my weekend plans. Racing over there is characterized by temperatures around 20 degrees, sometimes 25 which is already considered as hot. And humidity occurs rarely enough.

The weather conditions for Akira Swift X-Country Championships 2009 were close to European standards. We arrived at Bedok Reservoir around 3 pm when a thunderstorm started and it rained cats and dogs for nearly an hour. You couldn’t see the other side of the reservoir. We shared a small pavilion with 2 other groups and some secondary school girls screaming every other minute, no matter if there was a thunder or not. Kelvin tried really hard to get a team picture, Jackie zoomed through the rain and didn’t get cold, the rest of us chit chatted and tried stay as dry as possible with jackets, t- shirts and umbrellas. Almost impossible but true: I was cold for the first time during my “endless summer”!

When the rain finally stopped, we had a long warm up, jumping over and running through paddles and it reminded me of a typical spring/ fall jog in Europe. We didn’t have time for a long stretch because of the women’s open.

The men’s open happened some minutes afterwards. Melissa and I got ready and she stayed calm even though it was her first race for NUS! Helpful was the route briefing we received: “You run up, turn around and then come back.” Okay, we were off! Melissa and I started in the front and some JC girls overtook me, right in front was this sportive Asian German trio; three middle aged fit ladies enjoying running! It was a pleasure to see how much they were into running! I could feel, that I didn’t stretch properly, and at the little slope I heard Mr Quek’s voice in my head “knees up, knees up” which really helped and I overtook two girls. Then the turn came and we ran back, our shoes were soaked and then I saw the guys coming from the over side which motivated me extremely. On the last meters there was Ben screaming out our names, he was really busy taping and making pictures simultaneously! Then the race was already over! The guys did amazingly well and Melissa did a great job! Thanks, it was a great experience to run with all of you!

P.S. The reservoir looked so peaceful when we left like it was never touched by any thunder…


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