Why I join x ctry after recess wk, yr 3 sem 2

Hello all, i am Melissa, the not so young newcomer to NUS X and i am very proud n happy to be part of the cross fam!  Let me just intro a bit on why i joined, as mr quek asked me on tues.

My close friend Jiaqi and i were cca-less after handing over from prev cca, so we were looking ard for a cca, her x ctry enquiry should be on an earlier blog post here.  She’s the sprinter, i prefer long-dis 🙂  Howeva, she went to do taekwondo IVP and feelin that time is not on my side, only 1 yr left, i decided to train more intensively in dec, jan and feb before joining.  20 years of a sedentary lifestyle, i decided to embark on running proper upon joining NUS and i did manage to lose weight without dieting :):):)

3-4 times a wk easy runs at src after 6, i have ‘spied’ no, seen, guo chen (hope din spell ur name wrongly), patrick, connie, carol, melvin etc doing warm ups and trials.  Being shy, I dare not approach them but just trained on my own first.  I joined X for the passion, not for the cca points, and i am happy if i can get to rep. Nus in mini x ctry races!

N finally during  recess wk i felt training on my own was boring enough alr so here i am!

N oh the akira swift race was an amazing experience, the last time i ran in a x ctry event was 5 years ago, AC’s X ctry event.  But it was not my best timing because the long warm ups with the fast guys before reace sapped my energy and I knew that I was not at my peak at the starting line, could feel it.  So guys, pls dont be alarmed when you see my timing, it should be more than 20 min I think ;p

see ya all every tues, thurs n fri 🙂 n i think i found my calling where CCA is concerned.

Thx Melvin for teaching me how to do the drills on tues, i hope i din look like some clown with poor motor coordination 😛


7 thoughts on “Why I join x ctry after recess wk, yr 3 sem 2

  1. mel lim, you make me seem like a phantom member! Just to clarify, I was not exactly cca-less otherwise how i get involved in tkd ivp. Yes, i was interested in joining x country last dec because i wanted to do something new. But then i went away on a holiday and when sch started, tkd started preparing ppl for ivp so plan to try out cross country had to be shelved. I passed the email i got from the friendly gals team capt to my friend mel and i’m glad she’s happy with training with y’all now.
    Forget to write my name:
    this is melissa’s friend Jiaqi here

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