Suburban Run – 15 Mar 09

Firstly, ups to Patrick, Azrul, Guo Cheng, Alan Sim, Michelle & Benedict, who all probably finished with much better timings than me (in that order?) at Sunday’s Suburban Run. I would like to compare all our results in a nice table, but unfortunately the organizers choose to use this format to display our results.

Secondly, I just realised I won’t have any pictures to document Patrick’s stunning, powerful, absolutely amazing (no sarcasm intended) first place-finish in the 10 KM Individual Men’s Team category. (Actually, to tell you the truth, he was behind some runners, but they all were running for their teams, so Patrick ended up coming in first!) And of course, extra credit for not knowing he came in first until the prize was actually presented to him.

Thirdly, I would’ve liked to say that after my slow jog around Sengkang/ Punggol I felt that I had overcome a bad injury; I would’ve liked to say that 48++ minutes of painstakingly watching every single NUS cross-country runner speed past me was worth it because I’m one step closer to recovering. But, unfortunately, the recovery process will take longer than that. Heh. So I will confine myself to running the great green grass of the SRC until further notice.





Response from the site admin. :

The photos for the Suburban Run is already out! Do check it at the URL :




5 thoughts on “Suburban Run – 15 Mar 09

  1. Hey Yap Siong, stay strong and optimistic man, you will definitely overcome ur injury and will be with us in no time. 😀

  2. Yo,

    it’s already done up at the race results page(ours). Only the timing is put up.

    Your friendly site admin.

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