Fable Spoken on the Verge of Many Shoe-Tongues

A short word for those who were disappointed after Passion Run (it wouldn’t be nice of me to write your names here): results are results are results. They’re like any kind of results: what you get in exam, the number of pull-ups you do in IPPT, the number of replies after sending out your resume etc etc etc. They’re just a bunch of mathematical statistics meant to be replaced by another bunch of mathematical statistics the next time you race.

If it’s the race itself, the entire morning experience that you’re disappointed in, then remember this: you are not running/ racing to achieve, you are achieved by running/ racing. This is the simple one-sided philosophy which I hold on to since my previous injury.  Running itself is an acheivement, everything else is – as we like to say – a bonus.

Naturally, I know this is quite a sissy philosophy if you compare my races & the way I push during training. But on days like today, when I also didn’t achieve that very precious sub-45 mins timing – I can race with a clear conscience, grateful that there’s no more pain in the knee.

So cheer up 🙂 Why so serious? There’s still Tuesday. And 1000 more races waiting for the rest of your life.


One thought on “Fable Spoken on the Verge of Many Shoe-Tongues

  1. Well Said Yap Siong,

    Yeah, indeed there are no race worth dying for… To be alive and running is already a blessing… For those who didn’t perform to their expectations in this run, learn from it and come back stronger… It’s not a single race that makes a runner great, it’s the spirit to keep running and striving for better results race after race that makes a runner great!!! Keep it up everyone, i’ll cya guys on Tuesday! 😀

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