marathon reflections :)

i wld like to thank benedict, patrick, gc n melvin for their encouragement and also yx’s advice to start off slowly.

it was my first mara n after two wks of holidaying after exams  i did not do proper mileage training, n the furthest i did was ard 20/21k at macr. I think it is better to practice up to 30km…if not u dont noe what u are in for! i was cursing at the 4 overhead bridges but poor pat had to do it 8 times.  in fact i felt dumb putting my body thru this  “torture”, if carol gives me a free tix next time i seriously need to  reconsider hahaha. n yes ssc intern interviewed me under “Carol Ang”.

also being a noob, drinking water/100+ during the runs to hydrate need some getting used to, stomach was churning… am so sick of 100+ now. n being a noob i asked a guy next to me what to do with power gel: he looked at me amused n said, just eat it.

after 28k my legs felt heavy n i cld barely lift them properly off the grd so i brisk walked. to me stopping is painful… i nvr like the idea of stopping unless i really hit the wall.

thx to cross training n all the warm ups i felt no cramps or stitches, i have endurance but no speed so it was just… counting down to the finish line, every 2km seemed so long after 27/8 mark.  The last lap i sprinted my way to the end becoz i really wanted to end it asap.. the dist is just too long and draggy for me. so i think i will stick to 10 and 21km for now.  over 5 hrs on the road overnight, is really tiring… but the night scene in the east was v beautiful!

I wld say, nvr attempt a mara if u nvr train or hv a good racing strategy; pace urself, many ppl ahead of me chionged at the start but i managed to catch up in the end.. yx was v v right 🙂


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