Running, Running and… swimming?

Hey guys and gals! Its me, the recreational/pseudo-competitive runner, Benedict! =]
Hope everyone is doing well with whatever they are up to.

Its the off season for many of us and well, SERIOUS training may not have the highest priority on our list right now.
So, being the curious guy that I am, I have tried swimming, with myself, Melvin and recently Jackie, and cycling, during Pat’s Ultra.

So, about swimming. Its a little more expensive than running, $1 for entry and 20 to 40 cents for baggage.

I would like to say that swimming with Melvin and Jackie at the Tampines Swimming complex is one event I look forward to now, during the holidays. Very low tension and fun. Yes, the pair of Jackie and Melvin is a rather enjoyable one to be with. Experimenting with the front crawl, looking out for beautiful girls(unsuccessfully) and splashing water around. So, I would like to extend the invitation to all who are free to join us to relax, soak and splash water in the pool even if you know nothing about swimming. You may occasionally see me doing running drills and jumping around in the water. =]

Today, I did a pseudo reverse sprint distance aquathlon. Basically I went running for about 5/6/7km, i didn’t keep track(pun not intended), and then went into the pool to soak, swim for awhile then see the secondary school kids playing around, enjoying the June holidays. Don’t ask about the transition. Very badly planned. Now I’m feeling tired and lazy to move.

Cycling, on the other hand, is not so fun(though, yes, I can ride my bike with no handlebars). It was probably the whole atmosphere of the Sundown Marathon. Close to zero supporters. Lack of medical staff, which I felt was very very VERY irresponsible of the Sundown team. I mean, you’ve got people dying in AHM, and you don’t have sufficient medical staff for an ultramarathon. =/ ok, there I go ranting about the lack of good organization of the Sundown Marathon. Anyway, I don’t see myself cycling anytime soon. Too expensive(renting a bike is about 10 times more expensive than swimming?) and you don’t get to make jokes about Melvin’s tights or how Kelvin would sink in the pool.

A word out to Pat, YOU CRAZY IDIOT. go rest. =P
Melvin, probably you can post a facebook message or email or post on the blog when are we going to soak in the pool in Tampines then the rest can come join us.
Kelvin, all the best for your exams.
Jackie, hahahahahahahahaha….
Yap Xiong, splashing water is fun!
Alan Sim, don’t worry, I’m sure Mr Quek will notice you…….. someday.
Alan Kwek, enjoy your time with your girlfriend!
Azrul, come back soon man. =]
CHAY!!!, nothing to say.
Yati, All the best for your training!
And to all whom I have missed out, take care and have fun!!! ;] its the holidays!!!

With NOTHING better to do,
Benedict. =]


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