Yap Xiong Can Swim!

at least for 12 1/2 meters. =]

It was major achievement day for many of us yesterday afternoon.
Melvin can swim 100m front crawl!
Kelvin managed not sink! and screamd like a girl at the 4.0m deep pool.
Jackie showed off his pink kickboard!
Alan tried the breast stroke which Kelvin claimed to be very good at and Jackie demonstrated… hahahahaha… ok. inside joke.
Yap Xiong can swim!!! for 12 1/2 meters.
Tey swam 50m? not very sure, not paying attention…
Mel Lim got to watch a bunch of more than half naked boys/men in the pool.
I swam about 75m front crawl… =]

Many Thanks to Mr Quek for refining us into amphibious creatures! Much much progression was made!
Thanks to Alan and Jackie also, for guiding and swimming with us newbies! =]

See you guys later for training! =]

“X-Country is not just about running, sometimes we may be met with a body of water.” -Unknown (ok, crap, its just Me. hahahaha)

With much thanks,



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