Stairway to Heaven: Mizuno Mt Faber Run

A killer but fun run

A killer but fun run

Was a pretty fun run. Competing were Nick Tey, Jackie, Jayanta, Benedict, Aaron, Angela and I.

The starter’s gun went off 5 min early. Started  out conservatively to prepare myself for the arduous upslope at Mt. Faber. I regulated my breathing, overtook a few guys on the steep slopes where people stopped to walk. The easy run we did earlier (from hort park to Mt. Faber) in the week helped a lot. At least, I knew where the top was. I saw desolation in the guys who started walking, their shoulders slumped in defeat.

As I reached the top, I affored myself the luxury of admiring the grand scenery below me. Mount Faber shall henceforth be renamed the stairway to heaven. A truly beautiful place.


Heavenly Scenery

Got back to business. Tried to shake off the lactate in my legs as I cantered downhill. The real killer was the hilly terrain along telok blangah and the bukit merah neighbourhood. Paced this crazy young guy who was breathing really hard and bearing down on me.
Finished in a time of 43.06. Jackie did a fabulous 41min. Ever the ladies man, Benedict took things easy and stuck to his plan of pacing a beautiful group of girls. Nick was really pleased with his sub 47min performance.
Aaron was 4th in the men’s open with a stunning time of 36min. Mr Perfectionist, Aaron mused or more accurately “whined” about his potential 3rd place. We listened as usual in utter commiseration but I guess our thoughts were more on breakfast!

The amazing morning was capped off with a wonderful breakfast at Junction 8 with Patrick and Girri who came by from Macritchie.


3 thoughts on “Stairway to Heaven: Mizuno Mt Faber Run

  1. Kelvin,
    your posts and comments are always great and encouraging. Do post more after your exams. We need to maintain our proud readership of 1000 per day and promote cross country to all NUS students!

  2. Great run guys!!! Too bad, i can’t join you guys, i think i was ‘whining’ in pain on my bed that morning due to my injury. But i’m so glad that i managed to stretch it off after one week of rest!!! Credit to Mr Quek for teaching me how to stretch properly.

    Btw, welcome back Jayanta!!! Train hard and stay INJURY FREE!!!

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