AYG Athletics Day 3: Sorry, You got speak English?

Before I start, let me apologize to Kelvin, Melvin & Benedict. Thursday was super-busy, so I didn’t have time to join you guys in the stands.

Positive thing about today: there were a LOT of supporters today, much better than the previous days. Atmosphere was electric. Even in the media area (which was full of Thai, Qatari & Chinese reporters) we could feel that YES, this is how track & field should feel like. Ironically though, a small bunch of Japanese & Chinese supporters were out-cheering everyone else. I didn’t get any photos, because I was too busy talking to people, helping out the media crew.

The most exciting event – at last – was a field event. Kumar Rohit (India) & Cheng Chao-Tsun (Chinese Taipei) were fighting it out for gold. Their throws were insane (70 metres & more), especially for Kumar, who claims he only started Javelin throwing in 2007. He won because he made a huge throw of 74 metres. Later, he said to some of us at the media zone: “My Dad is a hurdler, but he wanted me to take up Javelin.” Interdisciplinary ah.

Japan (2 golds – Girls 100M hurdles, Boys 400M) & China (5 golds – Boys long jump, Girls discus, Boys 110M hurdles, Girls/ Boys 400M hurdles) owned everyone today. There was not a lot of Middle East/ Central Asian competition for any of the events, despite their supporters cheering them on. Even then, the Saudi Arabians & the Kuwaitis were very polite (even though they couldn’t speak English), & tried to answer all our queries.

Highlight of the Day: got my pic taken with Gu Yu, China’s girls discus-throw gold medallist. From her 1st throw, nobody else could catch up to her. She beat her personal best today, but since there was practically no one there to congratulate her, we (my colleague & I) went to do it instead & conduct an interview at the same time. And there I discovered that even though my Mandarin is horrible, but I can still communicate enough to make another person understand that I’m congratulating her.

On Friday, I might drop by after the swimming is over. I would like to see the last day of AYG Athletics.


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