NUS Cross Country Poster Boys 2009 Unveiled

At a public press conference yesterday, NUS X-Country’s Director of Publicity, Mr Melvin Lee unveiled their latest advertising campaign “Run with the Handsomes “. 2 rising stars were also introduced to spearhead their campaign. Jayanta Ng and Alan Kwek were chosen among 20 hopefuls to become NUS X-country’s latest poster boys. Mr Lee was quoted as saying, “Forget the Singtel Grid Girls, these guys are smoking hot. I have no doubt that they will make our advertising campaign a real hit.”

Jayanta is definitely a well known face in the NUS community as the number one Pageant King. With his clean cut looks and bashful smile, he has set many a girl’s heart a flutter on the NUS Kent Ridge Campus. Alan Kwek on the other hand is an accomplished model who bagged the “Most Yan Dao Tycoon in Singapore” award at the Ang Mo Kio Hub fashion show in May. He followed that up by appearing in various fashion shows in Australia and Jakarta in June.

DSCN2014 DSCN2011

Jayanta(left) and Alan(right)

Many insiders in the NUS sports club fraternity have lauded this shrewd move by NUS cross country. They believe that this campaign will boost the number of girls joining cross country in the coming academic year. Skeptics on the other hand have lambasted the sly and wily Mr Melvin Lee who has often exploited the good looks of members of the NUS cross country team to boost the enrollment numbers. Last year’s campaign featured former Man Hunt winner Sith Roy Leong and soap opera star Kelvin Ling who is affectionately known to fans as Mr Muscles.


Roy(1619), Kelvin(1613) and the team

Skeptic or not, catch these handsome stars at the Matriculation Fair at NUS on the 24th of July and 27th to 29th July at Multipurpose Sports Hall 2 (Cross Country Booth). Be part of the excitement. But just be wary of being crushed by squealing female fans.

Reporting by: Talkok Seng

Photos courtesy of Hammie168


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