A big welcome to all Freshies :)

With the conclusion of Matric fair, I would like to thank all our dedicated crossers who have slogged over the decorations, posters, photoshoots (only for our 2 poster boys) and made the extra effort to engage freshmen who passed by our booth. I believe every little effort and smile made a difference.

Matric fair team

Special mention goes to Hammie and Melissa who came down almost every day to help out at our booth 🙂 Credit also goes to Nicholas Tey who put on the charm offensive and recruited a record number of freshies. The kind of rapport that he built with freshies within minutes was amazing. We’ll never forget the sweet “bye bye”‘s. Good for you Nick!

To all freshmen who are excited to join us, I hope you’ll have a great time at training and you’ll find us an entertaining bunch. Do feel free to approach us if you have any queries or concerns. We’re all glad that you guys can join our cross family 🙂

NUS Cross Country
For the Love of Running

Posted by: Melvin


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