National Day Special

In the spirit of national celebrations and solidarity, NUS cross country releases it’s first official theme song for all to enjoy. It was penned by our in-house rapper/ lyricist, 50 Seng.

My Teammates, My Buddies

We’re a powder team in NUS,
We call ourselves cross country.
We can run around the track all day and do the toughest sprints,
Lately we even got swimming proficiency,
For all to see, For all to see.

For long runs, we go macritchie,
Every Sunday we turn up cock eye and grouchy.
But with our teammates by our side,
We have motivation and alot of energy.
We can chiong suah up the steepest hill,
Pass all the ah mah and auntie, all the ah mah and auntie.

We crossers are a funny lot,
Everyone has a weird habit or idiosyncrasy.
For dinner Patrick must  have his  kopi siu dai,
And Yap Xiong his Teh Si.
Kelvin is the number one boyfriend and for Stella,
Every minute he must check his hp.
Jayanta must always have his shower,
Even though it’s already eight thirty and
we are hungry, oh so hungry.

Melvin’s hair is like some guy from dragon ball.
While Jackie looks like Simba the lion king from Disney.
Our girls are famous for their beauty and nifty dresses,
All of them Melissa (x2), Carol, Char,Corns, Michelle and Yati
And Kelvin is known for his  spandex tights,
Which are so sexy, so sexy
Ben can’t live without without his facebook and blogs,
Whereas Ke Wen loves to walk around in his boxer shorts,
For all to see, for all to see.

Since I came in last August I have seen how far we’ve come,
Completing the hardest intervals in the rain and the sun.
I know we can reach for the furthest stars,
With the mileage we’ve done,
and the 2min bridges we’ve tahan.

I look to SUNIG and IVP with confidence and hope,
Knowing my teammates are all readies.
And For me no run is ever lonely for they’ll always be there,
My Teammates. My buddies.


6 thoughts on “National Day Special

  1. Wahahaha, this is so damn funny!!! We should sing it together and post it up on youtube!!! haha.
    *can’t stop laughing

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