Hi Guys

Alright, hmmm hope you guys are doing well. Seeing past blogs, it seems everyone have been active and participating with lots of anticipation and passion. Very glad to hear that everyone is fine and doing well =D

Germany is a nice place to be. Been running here as well, pass the wheat fields into the bright blue sky. Would should you pictures of my running route when i find a way to take pictures when i am running ha.

Keep up the work guys. The new semester is here and I hope you guys will have enjoyable time as well as a hectic time haha. Really miss the track and you guys.

My running buddy yap xiong, two person with total opposites in thoughts yet best friends for 2 years and still going on

Patrick, the always optimistic one in running with passion and fire in his eyes but somewhere deep within there is another side of him we do not get to see often.

Melissa, my gossip buddy who always have endless things to share about and a good listener.

Melvin, the strong silent type, quiet and soft spoken but has the smile of a sun

Jayanta, the very tall, and erm still very tall, shapely sculptured man hehehe.

Kelvin, the one expression i always think is very funny from him when he do the “huh.. like that cannot la”

Benedict, the mathematician and lover of cookies and tends to say the wrong things at wrong time at times (no offense ah) but entertains us all alws. Will miss your hard breathing coming from behind like a bullet train trying to knock me and yap xiong down.

Roy, the philosipher who seems to turn every sentence seems full of logic haha. And oh yes, I am old but I look young hahaha. Yes Roy you still look young.

Guochen, I quote “I am very handsome” says Guochen haha. OK you are handsome you are. Nice chap

Charlene, welcome back to cross country, I am always here for you as your godbrother and trusts you always.

Giri, long time haven’t got to have a decent heart to heart chat with you hahaha. Hope things are going smoothly for you.

Michelle, the lawyer, hmmm, somehow i miss the old michelle, the new one i need time to adapt i guess.

Aaron, who always have lots to comment about and I love to hear him commenting. Its funny sometimes. And thanks to you I am not buying souvenirs that are inedible back haha

Lastly, Angela and Wee Lee my beloved sisters, went through thick and thin together and shared our woes and happiness.

I miss all of you =D


3 thoughts on “Hi Guys

  1. Hi alan, how’s life in germany? Hope the people there are nice 🙂 Make more friends there, next time the cross team go germany, got free lodging. hahaha.

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