An Exciting First Gazelles Run

Last week was an exciting week. On Thursday, we held our very first Gazelles run to West Coast Park. Mama Gazelles was led by Jayanta and they went on an “easy” Jayanta paced 10km run around the beautiful park. Jackie joined the group as well, his mane in full flow as it flirted with the sea breeze.

I on the other hand led Baby Gazelles on a 6km run with leonard, chee wei, mei yi, amirah, melissa and Sarah. The traffic lights were really bothersome. So we had to start, stop…grrr. But once we reached the park, it was magnificent. I always find it quite amazing that we study so close to the beautiful coastline. The sun was setting and the whole scene was lovely.


We also met contestants on the AXN show “THe biggest loser” and they were really working their socks off while we gazelles kept looking around for the cameraman. I guess everyone would like a chance to be on TV. Unlike charlene, we don;t get much air time.


The next few runs will be at different places like Kent Ridge Park, Clementi Woods. So Stay tuned for more updates. Gazelles…at the ready!!!


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