You cannot run on the grass

(Rant alert, based on an event that took place a few hours ago)

It’s official: you can NOT run on grass at public stadiums. Doing so will apparently cause you to be confronted by a stadium official from SSC & a member of the public who has nothing to do but tell you to “don’t run so much.”

Of course, you need to appreciate the professionalism & courtesy of the stadium staff – who prescribe the “rules”, without reason & without motive, after watching you run for a whole 45 minutes. “If you let them see you,” he warns, pointing in the obscure direction of nowhere, invoking even more obscure regulations.

No wonder Singapore sports is down in the dumps: grass is more important than the person playing the sport XD

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4 thoughts on “You cannot run on the grass

  1. Hmmm… .. please ask them for a BLACK & WHITE to prove that it’s an offence to run on grass in the satdium.

    Well, if running too near soccer players will get whacked by ball; then running near by the road side will get bang by cars? Running in nature park will get hit by falling tree bracnches and running in open space get struck by lighting ?hmm… what’s the probability then ? In anycase then dunhave to run at all.

  2. Shouldn’t they ban soccer at the public stadium as well, since people are not allowed to run on grass? Unless there is a new rule in soccer that forbids players from running?

  3. Really??? When did they implement that? How about the field at NUS?
    I must run more on the grass in Canada then. Haha.

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