Newton shoes

For those who have heard of newton shoes, there’s a 20% off any pair of newton running shoes!!!

Good promo but these shoes are too ex for me…haiz


Participating Outlets as at 3rd September 2009

KPI Showroom @ 282 Changi Road

Newton Running Store @ #01-35 Queensway Shopping Centre

For those who didn’t hear of newton shoes before, now you do. You can join the shoe trials every first and third sunday of the month if you want to try out the shoes before buying since they are not cheap. I saw Jayanta wearing them before, so if you want opinion about the shoes, can ask him =D




2 thoughts on “Newton shoes

  1. HEY!

    im part of TRF, we’re having shoe trials this sunday! if any of you guys are interested, can always drop me a mail ( or get my number thru Melvin to reserve a pair of Newtons!(:

    i took awhile getting used to, but now im sure im getting faster using them(:


  2. Forefoot running shoes!!! I heard that once you’ve adjusted to running in Newton shoes, you will find it difficult to wear other running shoes due to the way the shoes are moulded. Have a nice day everyone!

    Kelvin Ling

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