Sunig 2009!

And here are some of my jumbled-up thoughts about Sunig Today..

After not running competitive for 2 years, the horrible cranky stomach feeling before a race was most unwelcoming. And it doesn’t stop until you’re like halfway through the race. All you people out there who don’t get it are lucky ducks!!

To all the Supporters, you were so wonderful cheering all of us on, it meant a lot to all of us. And all of you were so great strategically planting yourself in various spots and screaming and encouraging all of us. It makes us run faster really! Thank you Ameera, Meiyi, Hui Xiang and Michelle(we missed you!), for coming down, it’s so encouraging to the girls team!

Special mention goes to Ben with his camera, taking such wonderful shots, capturing the moment.. like the ones you see in the post below and on fb, and Teshil the uber-cool Mauritius dude decked in sunnies and a bright headscarf, with his entertaining commentaries as he waves his video cam about in his attempts to become Singapore’s next biggest talk show host.

To the guys team, all of you were absolutely brilliant. And congrats! It was so inspiring to see all of you running so close to each other. And I was so insanely happy and excited to see you guys on my way to the dog run area I think I was smiling for a bit to myself while running, the passers-by thought I was mad.

Girls I’m so proud of you! You did a great job and are such an encouragement to the team. Zhi Yun you were fabulous!! All the wayy in front..

Today was the first time I felt this little bit of patriotism towards nus. But of course, I love the cross country team like 3847294298734 times more than I love nus!

– Mel Tan


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