SUniG, bye for now


for many of us, our first competition for NUS, for the first time we don a TEAM NUS jersey.

MPSH 2 for once was devoid of the usual blue & black classroom tables & chairs, replaced by a sea white, orange, red & blue. 4 UNIs, after weeks of tough races, sweat & emotional highs & lows, gathered as ONE for a night to celebrate the end of SUniG.

honestly i never knew that SUniG was such a huge event, as a freshie, as someone who never raced for his school before, needless to say been to any prize presentations, it was a indeed an impressive sight to behold.

sitting right at the front in front of the stage, the music (which patrick found really disturbing compared to his soothing classics) was blasting right into our ears. looking around, we were all surrounded by the presence of our fellow sportspeople,  be it from NUS, NTU, SMU or SIM, instead of the frowns we held during our matches, smiles stretched across each of our faces.


As each different individual, pair, team went up, one could tell the pride & joy our their faces. we too, were waiting eagerly for our medals. after Bowling was done, it was time for Road Race! reading thru the individual results, Top 3: EE GHIM, GIRRI, DARREN. ALL FROM TEAM NUS! i doubt there were any other sport that did a clean sweep like ours. the girls went up first, both MELs collected the medals, as i snapped their photos, i thought ,”it must really feel good to be up there on the stage, the medals were the results of our tough training, we deserve them” then next it was the guys who took the stage, Ee Ghim, Girri, Darren, Melvin, Patrick & Me! the feeling of winning GOLD, winning it as a TEAM, it makes the medal so much more worthwhile.



after the prize presentation, it was time for pictures!(: happily snapping away while we waited for the buffet spread. Melvin, Patrick & I were eyeing the mango pudding for the longest time!


I wasnt able to stay for the food, my dream of mango pudding was dashed sadly, but i’m sure everyone else enjoyed the spread & really had a memorable time. tonights gonna be a good night!



to everyone who went up, who was there, you are already a winner of your own.


SUniG 2010, here we come!



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