a glimpse of what we covered

I asked Eric along for a short Genting trip with my parents and myself soon after the SCSM. Eric came along, leaving behind the heat, and also work on his Final Year Project in Singapore.
On previous trips to Genting, my dad and I had found a less trafficked stretch of road which seemed safe enough to run. This time, Eric joined me on our Run Away From Home. The first day we ran, it was at a time when the clouds were drifting in. Cold wind blowing, running through the mist, and the roads ahead invisible to us, the entire setting felt surreal.
True to our runner’s blood, every day we were there, we ran. The slopes wound around the mountains like a python’s coil around its prey. As I ascended the slopes, I could feel my strides shorten pathetically. Breathing felt especially exaggerated, probably due to the combination of slope and thin air. Still, the runs were thoroughly enjoyable.

winding road

that much closer to heaven

First World Hotel in the background

running form check 1

running form check 2

wow! running form looks like mok.

erm.... maybe not...

Many people gave us funny looks as these two jokers in running attire sauntered through the lobby as if they were in a beach resort instead of on a mountain more than 1800m above sea level. I dare not imagine what it would look like if the cross country team gathered in the lobby before heading out for a run. People might just start shedding their clothes. . . Hehe. (wishful thinking)


and more slopes..

Back in Singapore:

As the ‘Wind blows’ over bright and sunny Singapore somewhere in Dunearn Gardens at Melissa Tan’s house, NUS Cross country celebrated Christmas with a potluck dinner. A glutinous treat for all indeed, with much laughter to accompany the food to exercise our stomach muscles. Endless taunts from our beloved Guo Chen eventually took its toll on us, and even our Captain, Melvin, felt he had had enough. He gave the Go Ahead for GC to be thrown into the swimming pool. So much for threatening to join the Dark Side (Biathlon). Surprisingly, Dex and David (from the Dark Side), played a pivotal role in lending more than one hand to fling GC into the pool.

The night was still young, and a group of us decided we have not had enough of each other’s company. We made our way down to Orchard and caught the 1215am movie, Sherlock Holmes. We can imagine a look of disapproval on Coach’s face if he were to know we were still up at such an unearthly hour.

finally, patrick's smile in a photo. 🙂

And as usual, our Malaysian import with a familiar resemblance to the donkey in the movie Shrek, did what he did best: sleep less, run more. After the movie, he had gone back to Hall, and he ran. That same morning, he ran again, accompanying Baldwin in his Macritchie Ultramarathon. Mileage for the day: 35km. Jackie, you are crazy.

the start of Guo Chen's memorable night

run more, sleep less: Jackie, my hero


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