NUS X Country conquers Gunung Datuk

Having planned only one trip ‘overseas’ this whole holiday, I was really looking forward to my trekking trip with the cross team up Gunung Datuk despite my intense dislike for all things trekking and nature related.

Needless to say, trekking wayyyy exceeded my expectations. It was so much harder and ickier than I expected, having gone on only comfortable flat nature trails in Europe where the air is nice and cold and you can take funiculars or trains to get to the top. You don’t even have to break a sweat. Anyway, as I was saying, the climb up was ZOMG crazy! It involved climbing up big slippery steps of roots and stones at breakneck pace in extreme humidity ugh. I really thought I would fall and roll down the mountain and break my neck. Secondly there was all those creepy crawlies everywhere! Huge ants sitting on logs that we have to climb over, waiting for an opportunity to attack you; flying cockroach-like insects that terrorized me all though dinner. The cold hard ground that poked holes into every corner of my body. And the crazy howling wind, the stuff of scary movies, that made it almost impossible to sleep.

Nonetheless, I had an awesome time. 😀 Being new to the team, I only knew everyone on a superficial level before embarking on this trip. This trip allowed me to interact closely with my fellow team mates and brought me much closer to this amazing bunch of people. (:

I will always remember these memories of this trip: Boring train rides made entertaining by interesting accounts of a trip to kfc. Utterly random references to a fellow team mate in India.. 😛 Cries of refund anytime something doesn’t go our way. Gruesome storytellings of the murder of innocent villagers by crazy polar bears. Thanks guys! For the awesome two days.. (:

VaL (:

GC’s Awesome video! (You have to watch!)


4 thoughts on “NUS X Country conquers Gunung Datuk

  1. hmm…think it’s because the photos were uploaded from the gallery. Normally, we would upload the individual photos from the com straight into the post.

  2. haha… nice! actually ‘refund!’ started from jinyang, our 1st year biz ad student. must be showing off what he learn from his 1st semester in business. haha

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