Akira Swift Relay 2010

this is my first time writing on nusxcountry blog~ haha and on my first race representing NUS.

it had been a long time since i got that jittery feeling waiting at the starting line, and the thing i like about relay is that every runner is kind of staggered so there is a lot of breathing space while running, not running with a crowd or lagging behind one. its like own pace own target. yea but besides that, one of the most important motivation for me to join the race was because it was 3.3k. but apparently not, the organisers scammed us of the extra 1.something k. which makes me more nervous. ahaha. this is not the first time i’ve encountered some screw-ups at bedok reservoir, a few years back think it was 2008 i went for the mizuno wave run at bedok reservoir as well.. and nobody knew where the ending point was! everybody started wondering around and some people asked my bro and i if we knew where the ending point was… and some people who were in the 5km category ran 10km. ahahha but i must say that the terrain at bedok reservoir is nice to run, not very rocky.

ok more about the race, by the time i started running, it felt that i wasnt exactly warmed up.. muscles like hardening… plus the fact that i was pretty tense made it worse. but the first half of the run was still enjoyable.. the mental part started coming in after the turn… personally i felt that the way back was really long, thought it would be equidistant before and after the turning point… so when i heard melvin says there are 800m more to go, i almost wanna peng san… and i decided to slow down to reserve some energy towards the back part and finish the race not crawling… another thing is that when i ran for almost 10mins from the turning point, i kept looking out for everybody who were waiting at the baggage area… but it just seemed that there were never ending bends and made me wonder how many more bends are there before i can see them! really heaved a sign of relief mixed with happiness when i saw you all!

in conclusion, i must say that this is a very exciting race for me, and im very happy to have completed it 🙂 yay! good job to everybody that day who finished the race beautifully after the long wait and the long run. and thank you everybody for cheering! meant a lot to me towards the end especially!



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