Life in NUS Cross recently…

WOOHOO MY FIRST POST ON WORDPRESS! SO EGGCITING!! even on the top right here it says “Howdy, username” hahahahahahahaha its so friendly!

hello everyone!!! 😀 😀

i promised patrick a few weeks ago i’ll post an entry.. and i finally got down to it!

i remembered last sem when i first joined nus cross, mel.tan happily welcomed me with her sunshine smile 🙂 and we were the only 2 girls training next to this HUGE bunch of guys – so intimidating. bah. but with the power of her sunshine smile, the girls team grew like ZOOMZ, and i started coming for training more regularly during the december hols. and eversince the christmas party, i felt like i was seeing the team everyday! 26th dec: christmas party, 27th dec: shop for datuk, 28th-29th: datuk, 30th: washup tents, 31st: training& new year countdown. whoa. and i started catching up with my 6yr old good friend macritchie that has upgraded toilets with showers!! 😀

OKOK anyway, summary of updates over the month:

15Jan: intervals and celebration of Zakiyah&Mellim’s bday (along with other jan babies CaiSang& Lisa) 🙂 and the supersuper cool performance by 50 Seng, PaPa Ben, Tan Yen & Eric. And let’s not forget JinYang’s special card presentation to our dear vcapt Mellim! (YES I ATTACHED A LINK THERE GO CLICK “performance” AND SEE!)

16Jan: Mel.t’s farewell picnic at telok blangah! most of the guys came pretty in pink! and we played the really funny drop-the-picnic-mat-&-shout-name/faculty/year game.

yupyup our guys looking pretty in pink!

mel.t's champion photo 🙂

wonders of the world.

21Jan: the guys decided to publicise NUS cross by running half naked with camou all over their back (see Mellim’s post below dated 25 jan!)

dirty backs

23Jan: OUR VERY FIRST RACE – SAA X-Country @ Bedok! Mel tan came in 4th, Michelle came in 9th – and their team came in 3rd!  yay!

As for guys, Aaron came in 2nd, Giri came in 3rd (they almost missed out his name! 😦 ) and Ee Ghim came in 7th – their team came in 2nd! wheeeeeee

so after prize presentation, we camwhored, showered @ Melvin’s/Jayanta’s home and headed off to changi for dinner and to see our darling Mel.t leave for the amazing Nottingham 😦 at least she brought along the pretty shoebag & scrapbook we got for her 🙂 

byebye melmel 😦

Yup. so then 6 Feb was last sat’s race (see the 2 entries below!)

and on monday 8 Feb we had IHG road relay! honestly speaking, it was quite nice to see us from different halls come tgt and wish each other goodluck/all the best, take pictures tgt and also give Melvin his birthday “throw up” 😀 (go click go see!)

and on tues 9 Feb, we celebrated the 4 February babies’  birthdays  – Melvin, Roy, Ben, JinYang (otherwise known as FB4 HAHA!) its really awesome how you guys are all so creative in your videos! 😀  kudos to old man GuoChen for his hardwork & job well done in collating the videos, and Jayanta, Jackie, MelLim & Eric for their dance/lipsynching performance we all had a really good laugh 😀

thurs 11 Feb: Nike Publicity run! free shoes for guides, and no free shoes for helpers =/ but i got to try on their pinky shoes that matched my socks! it gave me a  blister. =X it was quite a fun run. i felt like we were big primary school kids on excursion with our chaperones – Nic, Jackie, Melvin & Calvin looking out for us on the road. and we got free yummy subway sandwiches & cookies & the nike pouch!! 😀 😀 😀 after that we went to support our fellow teammates Zakiyah, Siew Min, Cai Sang, Melvin, Patrick, Ee Ghim, Madan at IHG track. O.M.G. Madan’s 800m run during the medley was really :O jawdropping. an inspiration to us all. lol.

ok. i think my post is too long already. sigh, if only i could remember what i study as well as i remember the dates of when everything happened. anyway, last thing i’d wanna say is that its really AWESOME to be a part of this lovely team and somehow it seems that the more i train, the more i study (partly thanks to the study group!) and im actually trying to sleep alot earlier than i did last sem heh. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR & VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE ITS THE YEAR OF THE TIGER! ROARRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrr



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