end of season

ts been a long season, though i never did gave much thoughts during the past months. only these few weeks do i actually feel the intensity & unity of this Cross season.

my first ever season as a Cross-er. never have i been involved in Swift, Wings as a runner, only as a thrower. never have i been the one receiving a medal or part of a winning team, always the one to clap for others and watch them collect medals as they come. memories of SUNNIG lingers, as i was taking an easy run at West Cost this afternoon. racing as a sea of red, the 6 runners of NUS running strong past the supporters during the first u-turn of SUNNIG. coming in 1st-4th and 7th & 8th, thats how strong we started this season. my first race as a Cross-er & my first medal for NUS.


maintaining this momentum throughout the season, blazing in IVP, IHG Road Relay and February has been the peak, 4 races in a month. Wings then Swift (x2) and now ending with Wings once more. claiming a 2nd medal last week for coming in 4th in Akira Swift, i must say im really proud to be part of NUS Cross. not simply because we are winning, but more because we do it as a team. united with laughs & cheers, everything you want in a team.

ending the season with Mizuno Wings last week, it was an ept ending to our wonderful season so far, growing from the small group of strangers to the family of runners we are now. running a race with every member of the team felt good, never have people seen the huge sea of orange/red jerseys racing. im sure our presence was felt that day in Bedok.

our sea of orange

thank you guys for everything so far, these wonderful memories (and many more to come). i have learnt to embrace running breathlessly & pushing at speeds far beyond my comfort zone, doing all these with a smile. because of you all.

more than runners, we are family



5 thoughts on “end of season

    (but the race before the 2 swift is SAA! and its a sea of red not orange botakwin)

    but still, like this entry. 🙂

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