the fun of being part of a family..

Yeah! my 1st post despite agreeing when Mel lim asked after my first race. =X

MUHAHA. so I’ve decided after today’s carnival I DIE DIE must post the entry b4 i slp.

alrite. I shall start from the last race which i was suppose to post abt.

2702010 Mizuno Wings Cross Country

Its gotta be our biggest race (in terms of strength) of the season, our last race of the season, the earliest race of the season, the brightest race TOO! (our shorts) and i think it was one of the HOTTEST.

it was one of the races where competition’s really strong..

it's quite a stretch..

we ran our best and I think that speaks over all.

Frankly, although this is the only race we didn’t managed to win any medals but i felt it was one of the best race so far. Racing is not just all about winning your competitors, it’s also about racing against yourself. Somehow I felt we were all winners ^_^

we were all so happy after the race.! =D

now bedok reservoir is not the same to me anymore.

because everytime i ran there, It’ll reminds me of this team of pple who ran along with me =)

alrite… next….


Tues training started off with a really lighthearted mood.

perhaps coz races were over and we were all looking forward to the post training activities.. =X

OR perhaps we were just so HAPPY for our teammate who recently got ********

(i promised nt to mention names or details. =DD)

Yupz. dat got us quite excited..

The guys did some pacing game and the gals did a long run around A1 route.

I promised mel i’ll blog about the long run we did with our team photographer BENEDICT.

BECOZ. Benedict waved to the people inside and daringly half-striped(did he?) outside central lib windows.

HAHA. such a pity we din have the camera with us =P

eh Benedict ur honor to have so many pretty gals running with u!

Haha.. =D

Frisbee was fun. White rox. =)

And MELVIN wat’s de victory run??  =.=

Okie. i shall not be so lohsoh (i m ZzzZZ actually) and shall let the pics speak the words for the fun we had at training…

Frisbee, bball, captain’s ball, Relay.. Who say we crossers can only run!?

FINALLY… Today’s carnival =DDDD

Excitement . (can be sense from the flooded mailbox pre-carnival)

The rain threatened to spoil our mood.

Can see the disappointment in Mel’s eye. T.T

BUT yeah we managed to get on with our plans and everyone had FUN!

Thanks everyone. It wun have been possible without all ur presence/ effort and of coz the biggest THANK YOU to MELVIN for all the plannings and everything. Honestly can’t be easy. And Mr Quek too for teaching us the relay techniques. and everyone else who prepared everything. =D I felt like i din do much now. =X


okie no rivary..

I still LIKE our grp photo best, be it Pat’s face, siewmin (sorry gal) OR our own smile =D

and of coz.

The march BABIES.

Hope u guys like the rap we did =D

alrite. that’s all for now.

Enjoy training everyone and pple with injuries PLS REST WELL NOW!



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