I remember Pat asking for volunteers to blog

so here i m!

hehe. dun worry it’s not gng to be a very emo post or smth even though yest was an emo day for me

first from nt being able to run with everyone else (esp when sprinting’s one of my fav. note fav NT forte.)

and den from the disappointment with myself.

ok no more emo stuff. BUT i Just want to say.

though i wasn’t with the team long enuf to see the difference btwn the team in the past and now

I’ve heard enuf and I salute the current committee for doing such a great job


I honestly believe the new committee will too.

and I’m so proud to be part of this family =)

I believe we all are.

so as i was telling val

U’ll still see me arn for training coz running is more like an addiction to me and this team is like a family to me.

P.S: why do i smile so much.

smiling releases endorphin (happy hormones) and ALSO when u smile at someone, somehow i feel that it will brighten up their day. so i will continue smiling ^_^ and continue welcoming everyone else =)

♥ mei hui


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  1. ^_^
    Thanks for the concerns..
    yeah. i think so too. enough time for the body to remove all the lactic acid. But when u dun run for a few days.. there’s like withdrawal effects. Haha. Dun feel gd

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