Tuesday evening saw the cross country team gather for the elections of our future leaders.

We did things a little differently this year I hear, but I wasn’t here last year, so I can’t compare. 😛

This year, members sent in their nominations to the captains, and those nominated would receive that important phone call where they’d have to accept or decline. There were nominations of a total of 16 individuals for our 6 positions available! Of these 16, only 9 brave souls stepped up to the plate to run to lead us in the upcoming year.

Each nominee was required to send in short writeups on their cross country experiences, their self-descriptions as well as their plans for the future. They were also subjected to a brief Q&A session so that members could find out more about the nominees in order to make a more informed decision in voting.

For the Guys team, we had Baldwin, Azrul, Madan, Jackie and Nic Tey running for positions.

For the Girls team, we had Tricia, Zakiyah, Mei Hui and Cai Sang.

The Q&A session saw rigorous questioning of our 9 hopefuls, drawing some tough questions from the team. This demonstrated the level of preparedness of the nominees, as well as their tenacity to handle the difficult situations in the future.

It is really commendable, the amount of time and effort put into this elections by our nominees, but at the end of the day, there can only be one captain. Their willingness to run and put themselves in such a position reaffirms their commitment to the cross team, and it is this quality that the rest of us should try to emulate.

To the 9 of you, I’d just like to say thank you for all your efforts, and let’s all work together to bringing Cross Country to greater heights. 😀



One thought on “Elections

  1. Thank you Val and to the rest of the senior committee for organizing the whole elections and running it smoothly! (:

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