Thank you to all

Seeing that the next batch of successors have the heart and commitment to serve cross country, I feel very very happy!  coz I believe there are improvements for every leadership and definitely “on a scale of 1-10” there’s never ever a perfect 10.

what makes a gd leader is that he puts the team welfare above his own self interest.  I believe melvin, jay n mel T have shown that.  Thanks to Val for gamely stepping up as TM and helping me to lead intervals for the faster gals.

Mel t, thanks for uniting the girls and adjusting to our paces during easy runs, encouraging us at macr when u cld have sprinted far far far away… she has shown that u don’t need to be super aggressive/ ultra individualistic-competitive to be one of the fastest females we have had in cross.  I heart you!!!  Perhaps looking back, we could have been better disciplinarians (girls change faster! hehe)

At first, mel t expressed a little doubt when i told her that she has the potential to be captain and she gamely stepped up and  it turned out she was a fantastic captain, very warm, very inspriring , and genuinely nice.  Therefore, I believe that potential can be unleashed as we all are here to learn. I really felt very happy when one of the girls told me she will be an OGL for an upcoming camp, it will definitely help her in her future role as she can apply her experiences.

Also, I want to add that there is indeed a lot of unseen work and admin handed by Jay (tshirts/attire/race tags etc).  Both Melv and Jay have actually done 3 ppl’s worth of work for the men’s team, if you think of how BOOMZ (i mean big) the men’s team is.

And also to Aaron, Kelvin, Roy, Connie, YX, Alan, thanks for being there always and having faith in me!  N Eric for being himself (funny)

GC and Hui Xiang for being friendly pals  always from day one I know you and GC for bringing us to Datuk for unforgettable memories.

Ben, Patrick, Jackie and Nic for their dedication to X, Ke Wen, Madan and Azrul who might have been lower-profile but if u know them, they truly deserve our respect.

Yati, Mich, Zhi Yun for your guidance and willingness to help out when we need womanpower.  U girls have inspired me.

On a side note, I have an idea who will be our new poster boys for next year… hahaha! Come to me for more info!

Mel L


6 thoughts on “Thank you to all

  1. hey mel!! just saw this post! yea im going to miss you!! so nice of you! haha i see my name ^^ and yea rovers camp was more bonding than i thought it will be! brought us tog!

  2. hey mel..just to let u know, bcos of ur friendliness, i joined cross..and i think it’s like the best thing i did in NUS:) thanks for everything and im REALLY gonna MISS YOU when u graduate…

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