“Age is no barrier”

For those who attended the dinner after the sentosa outing, we may have stumbled upon a match made in heaven.

Teammate X is a strong headed lady with romanticised ideals of true love. For her, “age is no barrier”.

Teammate Y is a down-to-earth man who relishes a good double-boiled cantonese soup by his missus. For him, no diamond ring is too big as long as she is the one.

Both have an interest in dancing the salsa-a sensuous dance with highly charged emotions between both partners. It’s not just a dance but a synergy of souls.

Will sparks continue to fly?

Stay tuned to our gossip column for more exciting news.

E-entertainment News Reporter: Pratapazzi Seng


8 thoughts on ““Age is no barrier”

  1. HAHAHAHA. I finally read this after near 2 weeks! DAMN Funny! OMG. well done pratapazzi Seng! lol. nope its not mel lim!

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