Sentosa Outing for Jess

Our wonderful teammate Jess from University of Connecticut has left for home 🙂 But not before having a smashing farewell with the NUS cross country team.

As Jess has never been to Sentosa, a group of us (Ben, Jess, Meihui, Nellyn, Veron, Zakiyah, Pat and I) headed down to Siloso beach on Sat 15th May for the sea, sand and the sun. Being the poor students that we are, we had a simple meal at Seah Im food centre where Ben shared with us the finer art of wielding a pair of chopsticks. My advice to Jess was to just hold the chopsticks up and “kiap” the food. What sound advice.

After lunch, we took the monorail to the beach station, changed up and trodded down to siloso beach. It was really hot and we loaded up on the sun block. I amused the rest by jumping into the water and performing my routine of water aquatics. Sexy stuff.

We started a game of frisbee and took turns being the energetic monkey. Volleyball was next and we were reminded of why we’re runners and not volleyball players. Our serves and returns went all over the beach. Every time we hit a rally of 5 hits or more, we’d whoop in delight. Finally, I decided to be extra and head the ball. It ended up in a picture perfect moment (see below)

Superman heads volleyball

Veron, Zakiyah and Pat soon joined us and we had an amazing session of “scream soccer”. Everytime the girls got the ball, they would start screaming especially zakiyah. With our ears ringing, Pat and I tried to show off our samba skills with Pat emerging as our star goalkeeper. Behind that innocent smile, is one mean goal stopping machine.

Pat is x-country's beckham-golden balls

After all the sweat and adrenaline, we ended the afternoon with a dip in the sea. The water was cool, the weather marvelous, life was good. It was nice chit chatting in the pool. We talked about Secondary school and our funny CCA’s. We dug up info that Valerie used to play the trombone, Mei hui was in band and Pat played the sexy saxophone. hee hee haha!!!

As it got colder, we went to get a shower and on our way back we visited resorts world and took 2 lovely photos. Part 2 of our adventure was led by high-class Patrick who brought us to Cathay for dinner and TCC for dessert and drinks. For Dinner, Roy and Mel Lim joined us. Might I mention, Mel Lim looked absolutely resplendent after her lasik surgery. See below for our golden girls.

An amazing day for an amazing friend Jess. Woo hoo!

PS: Jin Yang and Jun Kai would like to express their sincere regret for being unable to attend the farewell for our dearest Jess.


8 thoughts on “Sentosa Outing for Jess

  1. LOL. ya. Jin Yang crap lah! Lousy. still have the cheek to call Jess, his beloved…..
    I have witness =X

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