hello everybodyzzzzz. its the holidays and I AM LOVIN’ IT! i hope you are too! 🙂

part i) SUMMIT

i shall share with you guys the main gist of the stuff we learnt at summit.

7 highly effective habits to living your life:

1. Be Proactive! BE-BE PROACTIVE! well it just basically means having the freedom to choose & influence your own life (:

2. Begin with the End in Mind = based on the principle that mental creation precedes physical creation.

3. Put First Things First! – prioritizezxzxz

4. Think Win-Win – effective, long-term relationships require cooperation by seeking mutual benefit. wheee (:

5. Seek first to Understand, then to be Understood. by seeking to understand others before expressing your views you become a persom whom others trust. (:


7. Sharpen the Saw. Taking time out to nurture your body, mind, heart, and soul. so that you can become more effective in all areas of your life. personally, sometimes i forget about this because i tend to put settling my own deadlines first before giving time for myself. :\

anw yes summit was FUN AWESOME BOOMZ etc. we trekked, caved, whitewaterrafted, campfired, durian-suppered, got to know more teamnus peeps from other CCAs and did all sorts of other things haha. i got souvenirs from every activity i did in the form of scratches and scars and im proud to say its ALL WORTH IT. im so sad theyre fading away now cos i will have nothing else to look back on except facebook pictures :/ but whatever it is, im glad i got the chance to go. & i thank you guys for voting me as your team manager 😀

(oh yah omg i almost totally forgot. our cross presentation during NUS summit by azrul & nicktey! check out our nus xcountry fbk page. i only uploaded the 4 bits of videos http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=8336249787&ref=ts p.s. alot of effort was put into the videos so you must really ooh&aahhh as you watch it okay)

part ii) THE FUN PART

YEAH OKAY SO LIKE, TODAY, I WENT TO MACRITCHIE which i havent been to in like WEEKZzzzzzzz. and zomg. there were like 5 girls, and 2 guys. THE GIRLS > GUYS X 2 . girl power!!! but i think the distance the guys covered is like twice of ours. hurr okay nevermind. i think the passion runnners were too passionate about their run ytd that now theyre trying to recover from it hence the tiny no. of guys today. hohoho! GIRLS FTW. OKAY. SO today, the grounds of macritchie were sticky, muddy, with dirty water puddles here and there like yuckyuckyuck and while our girls were learning new ballet moves by tip-toeing and jumping across the puddles, melvin&azrul were not-so-secretly training for the upcoming ninja warrior battle during the run. With the agility of ninjas, they swiftly crossed the slippery rocky terrains of macritchie with ease Zooming past the girls THREE TIMES who were moving at the speed of snails practising teamwork by holding on to each other like we did in datuk so that we wouldnt fall. Nonetheless, with the power of 5, our girls made it through the route safely. (:

okay. so anyway, the dates and details havent been confirmed yet, but as your team manager i will be managing a team of ninja cheerleaders who will be providing service of our oh-so-powerful-awesome-lungs for our FEARLESS NINJA WARRIORS. & as of today our cheerleaders are: Baldwin, Dex, Eric, SiewMin, myself, & err. still recruiting. (pls contact me if you are interested!) and who are our ninja warriors??? SECRET. ninja peeps are v secretive one kay. CANNOT let our competitors who stumble upon the site find out who they are (other than melvin&azrul) ! SSSHHH!!!

anyhoo. Pratapazzi Seng is very excited to post another entry. he seems to have the latest boomz gossips about everything which i Still have no clue about!! bleagh. STAY TUNED!

Tricia 😀


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