PASSION RUN-25 May 2010

 It was my longest distance for a race (my furthest was only 10k), plus I was running under my friend’s name (for those who were wondering why my bib read Chen Xiao Yuen :X). To top it up, I had diarrhoea and a bad stomachache before in the morning (and was praying hard it would stop before and during the race…unfortunately it didn’t) and I made the wrong choice of wearing my nike shoes that were rather tight (meant for only short distances). Truthfully, I was overestimating my abilities and testing my limits this time round and I knew it even before running but after joining cross for a while, I became braver in pushing my limits. Nevertheless, as it my 1st ever 25k run, I was determined to give my all and achieve a timing I would be proud of.

The first 8km, it went on well. Although I started right at the back, I was secretly pleased at every tiny personal victory, overtaking each person as I ran. However, after that, my stomache came back. Yet, I still continued, telling myself it’s all in the mind. After 10k, my toes started feeling sore as well. I also chose to ignore it, after passing Baldwin, Jayanta, Roy, Veron and Patrick (whom I heard before had fever, headache and sore throat, yet was still going strong), telling myself if they can, why can’t I?

 I was really glad that Meihui decided to accompany me around the 11k mark. Well, the rest of the race, despite a few stops, we persevered. My mindset kind of changed from achieving a good timing to completing the race when my stomache became quite bad that it caused me to stop and walk a few times. When I reached the finishing line with Meihui, I was really happy (although with a little ounce of disappointment due to the timing). One important lesson I’ve learnt from this experience is really, to be flexible enough to change my mindset. For those who don’t know me well, I’m quite a perfectionist and it’s hard to deal with defeat at times, especially failing to meet my own targets. But, this race had taught me to take things in my stride, if I didn’t slow down, I might not have completed the 25k. Just want to thank Meihui for the support during the run and Benedict for taking all our race photos. Also, for the rest who raced, Baldwin, Patrick, Roy, Kelvin, Jayanta, Veron, Alvin, Mok Ying Ren, Aaron, Angela and Fabian, great job people! I know that some of you guys are a little disappointed with your performance, do persevere…there’s always a next race!

And, all the best for Sundown this coming week !!! 😀



8 thoughts on “PASSION RUN-25 May 2010

  1. hehex. thanks veron! yeah i’m thinking btwn half or full too. I did half last yr actually and when i finished i decided i wanted to do full this yr. hehe. BUT den 42 is still quite a challenge.

  2. No worries. There are the 10k women’s open categories. I would advise against doing the full though, if you haven’t done at least a half-marathon before.

    It can be traumatizing. Maybe do a good 10/21k first as a gauge of your abilities to take on a full marathon? There is always another year. JIA YOU!!! :))

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