The Ninjas mean Business

It’s finalised. We’ll be sending 2 mixed teams for Ninja Warrior! Roar!

Azrul, Roy and Veron will be in team NUS Panthers while Melvin, Jin Yang and Hui Xiang will be in NUS armadilloes.

A true Ninja,

lies quiet in the still of the night.

Plotting his conquest,

waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Ninja Warrior Team Leaders Azrul and Melvin have not been idle. They’ve been undergoing intensive Jujitsu training, hitting the weights room 3 times a day and sharpening their Ninja skills at a secret location in Bishan.

It's crunch time, baby!

These are photos of them hard at work even after their 18km run at Macritchie. They ended off their Ninja training with their high protein, low carb diet and supertonic hydration- iced passion green tea (with pearls x 3).

Melvin can take any pain, real warriors are prepared to bleed...

Spiderman has a little brother…Spiderul

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