The NUS X-team Magic!

I started running in late 2007. Running then was something that I do in isolation. It took me many more months later to realize that maybe I could try out in a team. There I was posting my first comment on the NUS X Country blog after Adidas Sundown Marathon 2009.

I received warm replies from Jayanta and Mel Lim who encouraged me to come down to join the team for training. 2 months later I left to UK for my SEP. During my exchange, I constantly received emails on training updates that left me feeling all warm in the bitterly cold, wintry UK. I felt included, finally. Running to me, is now a highly social activity!

4 months on and I’m back from the UK. Arriving on a Tuesday afternoon back in sunny Singapore, I was eager to get back to running with the team! That marks my entry into the cuddles of the NUS X team again! I was embraced through an easy run on Wednesday evening at Mt. Faber. It was amazing how my usual anti-social self would feel so comfortable reconnecting with the team. That says something remarkable about the team, doesn’t it?

Races. Races. More races. And the more I raced, the closer I got with the team. And the better my performance was for each run. And part of it I felt was attributed to the constant encouragement I get from the team. Whether I am training and racing with the team, or during my trainings and races with Oregon Running Club (ORC), I get these heart-warming encouragements from you guys all the time. Go Veronica! Tirelessly, every set of interval I do.

Initially, my fears were that when I trained with ORC, I’d eventually be excluded from the team. But reality has shown me that you guys have been ever so welcoming despite me missing the trainings with the team. Deepest thanks to everyone on the team!

Moreover, races used to be lonely stuff for me. After joining the team, with the races we find ourselves together in, I received encouragements and free and EXCELLENT (to ben!) race photography during the run. Oh so supportive the team really is!

Training and racing aside, I’ve mentioned that I am an EXTREME introvert. NO JOKE. SERIOUS. Seldom do I ever join my friends for outings and social gatherings simply because I fear that I’ll be left out due to my inability to engage in and initiate conversations. BUT! The team has changed things for me. I began to enjoy the after training chats and the occasional outings that I join whenever I had the time to! I have become a more sociable person!

Personal bests both in running and social skills, the team has helped me so so much! And my greatest gratitude for that to the team!

ronnie 🙂 🙂


2 thoughts on “The NUS X-team Magic!

  1. ^_^ hope to c u more when u can make it down Veron =D Meanwhile TC! U’ll always be a part of us no worries =)

  2. Yoz Veron! Nice Post! Join us for more swashbuckling runs. This Wednesday, Azrul organsing a run at Chinese garden.

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