what you missed today..

Today was a fun-filled day spent entirely with my fellow cross-country team mates. (:

I woke up bright and early (er.. at 10am), eager to attend my first swimming training session. but alas! the day didn’t get off to a very good start..

First I got utterly lost at ccab ahhaha. I spent a good 10mins walking back and forth, left and right, here and there (you get my drift), attracting the stares of mr quek’s team of 13 and 14 year old girls. Luckily before I could embarrass myself any further, Mr Quek came to the rescue! 😀

Then.. I entered the swimming pool area, only to discover ben and sarah tan already there and only 2 more people were to come.. Sarah lim was still at home and mei hui was on the way.. zzz.

When mei hui finally arrived… We were too scared to go learn freestyle at the training pool with all mr quek’s really pro kiddos, and we swam frog-style at the big pool instead. WOW have you seen that pool? it’s superrr deep! :{

We eventually went to the training pool under Mr Quek’s persuasion.. And Mr Quek taught us the strokes, without actually getting into the water. haha. The problem with most people who say that they can’t do freestyle is that they try to lift their head above the water, which causes the rest of their body to sink in. They should instead tilt their body to one side, which would turn their head sideways and breathe in that position.

Incredibly imbalanced me couldnt seem to do it right at all. I kept breathing in before my head was fully tilted and i breathed in so much water!! Any more water, and i would have transformed into a fish. -.-

Mei hui had not learned freestyle before, but she kept trying and trying and with ben’s guidance, she finally completed 50m of freestyle unassisted! Respect! i only did 25. =X ahahah

us in the pool..

After swimming, we washed up and prepared for the second activity of the day.. Badminton! 😀 Irritating BTC was late rahhh! And we ended up cabbing down to SRC. >.

8 people showed up for badminton today! Just nice, there were 4 girls and 4 guys.. Can do mixed doubles. 😀

  • Group 1: Azrul and Sarah Lim vs Alvin and Mei Hui (winner Alvin and Mei Hui)
  • Group 2: Sarah Tan and Nic Tey vs Madan and me (winner Team Madan)

Seems that we have a rematch between team Brazil and team Malaysia! Unfortunately, reigning winners team Brazil couldn’t hold onto their spot as badminton pros Alvin and Mei Hui trashed them. Team Brazil was not disheartened however, we were happy to come away with THREE hard-earned points! 😀

Badminton pro Sarah zaizai Lim displayed her badminton prowess for all to see today when she single-handedly smashed her way to a victory in a doubles match against Madan and Azrul (20-9). I just stood there and hit the shuttlecock into the net.. (hence the 9 points lost ;P)

After that match, she went on to face another pro, Low Yu Long Alvin. It was an intense match and they were almost evenly matched, with Sarah hanging onto a 2 to 4 pt lead throughout the game.

Sarah in action

The game eventually resulted in a tie 20-20, and finally ended with Sarah scoring the winning shot! Score: 23-22. What a nail-biter! 😀

After all the activities of the day, a few of us went to check out the PC Show at Suntec. It’ll be held from 10-13th June! 500GB external hard drives going for prices of $99-109! Okok.. I shan’t advertise. You go see for yourself. (:

I finally got home at 11pm. What a long yet fun and enjoyable day spent with my fellow team mates. I hope you enjoyed yourselves too and let’s do this again sometime soon. (:

♥ val


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