Haha. It’s quite a coincidence as I was going to write a post and Pat’s email came in.

I shall just have a quick update of events den.

Ever since Redang trip I think I’ve been seeing my fellow crossers around alot.

We do stuffs like working…..

badminton and swimming….

I still cant believe i can kinda swim freestyle in such a short while and how deep the CCAB branch’s pool is AND how multi-talented Mr Q is, coaching us training, swimming and also his own badminton! WOAH!

P.S: anyway, we have quite a few badminton pros in the team. Like Alvin Low, Sarah Lim and Zhenghong.

and of coz we also support our fellow ninjas who’s been training hard for their trials! We’re so proud of every single one of u ^^

NUS Panther

AND      NUS Armadilloe

and our day 2 Heros!   and of coz the SUPPORTERSSSSS!!!!

P.S: Veron’s hair is really nice! I like! ^_^

Anyway, Our ninjas might not have made it to the finals BUT they certainly have displayed their sheer determination and agility and everything else!

*salute and respect!*

next yr we’ll go back stronger, Right Azrul?

Alrite. someone can update with the videos and give more specific details =D

Gd nite pple ^_^


2 thoughts on “HeLLOoooooO

  1. More importantly, you are comfortable with the team! I hope there will be more things to come from us! thank you for being faithful n committed to the team=)

  2. im like sooo going to miss the hols where i can hang out with u guys when i probably just have enough time to sleep, eat, study and train…
    but i can daresay this is like the BEST hols i ever had in my entire life (even better than my 6months break after A’levels..SERIOUSLY)despite probably puttinng a hole in my pocket …spending time with u people at redang, training, badminton…

    thanks to u guys!

    ❤ ❤
    sarah tan (much as i'm too lazy to put my surname..it 's hard to differentiate)

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